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Re: Some proposals

   just my 2 DKK :-)

On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

> Proposal:  woody service pack 1
> Get Adrian Bunks woody backports, the gnome 2 backport , kde 3.1 and any
> other widely used updated software, do a little testing to make sure all
> the dependencies are in harmony and stick it on a PGI enabled CD.  It
> should be enough to mollify 95% of the critics.  It would be nice if it
> could be done under official Debian auspices but there is no reason some
> enterprising user couldn't do this themselves.

I think this will just lead to a bloated archive. It will be much easier
to add a pkg that containts informations from apt-get.org or able to build
an unofficial CD out of it.

> Proposal: put all Debian code in a repository and make all maintainers
> responsible for all packages.

I believe this will only create a lot of confusion. From the most simple
package that get 2 different fixes from 2 different developers that did
not coordinate the job to whatever can be. Things will really break badly
if for any reason one of the thousand DD will not coordinate correctly
with all the others.

> No more waiting for absentee maintainers to fix trivial bugs in their
> packages.

We have policies to handle this situtation. Quality does not neceserrary
means speed.

> The BSDs do it and manage to put out regular releases.

Also other linux distros do that, but i personally keep using Debian for
its quality (and all the possible reasons of this world).

>  There
> may need to be levels of privilege i.e a core team but I would argue there
> is a de facto core Debian team right now anyway.
>  As long as there is a
> good communication and a clear audit trail for when thngs go wrong I think
> it could work.

probably this might work for a core team, because composed of relativly
few developers. What about teams that have to deal with tons of pkgs?
communication might become an issue and personnaly i would not like to see
my pkg NMU'ed just because i wasn't able to be in front of my computer for
half day. Of course this is an "exagerated" situation but it is a
situation that can happen. How would you handle that?

> Proposal:  Stop releasing altogether

I understand what you mean but it looks in contrast with what you told
before about releasing on regular dates. the quality process will not
benefit from this-

> sid would be the only Debian distribution.

Why? everyone outside has stable and development branches.

>  Other companies/interested
> groups of people would be responsible for putting out finished products on
> whatever schedule suited them.

Based on what? sid gets updates on a daily base, saturday and sunday
included. Do you expect companies to track the archive of 12000 pkgs every
day and be able to take out a stable snapshot? If you think they will
produce a "testing" release then you are just asking to other people to
duplicate their efford to produce what we already have centralized and
tracked. I see only many testing branches produced by others and too many
possible forks of Debian work. I personally think that it will only
produce more and more confusion between end users.

> The debian projects role would be to
> produce the packages, and provide infrastructure (BTS, policy, installer.)
> Does this this sound unworkable?

In my opinion it cannot work. Just for the BTS. ex 2 comanies that produce
their own "stable/testing" release with different libs for a certain pkg
and start submitting bugs on our BTS. how the maintainer/s are supposed to
handle that?

> Look how many specialized Knoppix
> knockoffs are beginning to bloom.  Look how many people try Linux From
> Scratch.

.. and how many of them come back to Debian? ;-)

> And most longtime Debian users upgrade continuously without any
> thought to releases anyway.

This is partialy true for "normal users". I would never do that on a
server installation. I love to be sure that my "real woody" will not
break because done in a hurry due to a dead line forced by someone that
probably have no idea of quality means.

> Proposal:  Make all the people who talk but aren't going to do anything
> shut up.

<bofh> so where can i find a url for the work have you done until now to
implement such proposal??? </bofh> :P


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 -- Noel Koethe <noel@debian.org>  Sun,  9 Feb 2003 19:33:00 +0100

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