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Re: Some proposals

On Thursday 27 February 2003 05:54, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
> Seeing as everyone else is throwing in their two currency units, here are
> some ideas i've been kicking around.
> Proposal:  woody service pack 1
> Get Adrian Bunks woody backports, the gnome 2 backport , kde 3.1 and any
> other widely used updated software, do a little testing to make sure all
> the dependencies are in harmony and stick it on a PGI enabled CD.  It
> should be enough to mollify 95% of the critics.  It would be nice if it
> could be done under official Debian auspices but there is no reason some
> enterprising user couldn't do this themselves.
Great, but I wouldnt call it service pack. More like woody2.

But what we really need is to decouple operating system and applications. 
Right now we release one whole set of 1 operating system and 1 version of 
each application. It would be nice to have the completely frozen operating 
system aka base-packages, and then have updateble applications that are 
slowly upgraded to follow upstream developmen. Ofcourse for stable we dont 
want the beta/cutting edge software we have in unstable, but still an 
application upgrade every 6+ months for stable would be really usefull. 

The decision to make is what to do when with the old application versions, 
because we dont want to force users to upgrade from KDE2.2 to KDE3.1 to get a 
security update. That reason alone would seems to justify only limited 
updates (like every 6 months) to be able to support all old version as well, 
and not a running cutting edge like in unstable.


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