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Re: Some proposals

"Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar@debian.org> wrote:


> Proposal: put all Debian code in a repository and make all maintainers
> responsible for all packages.

We already have a couple of maintainers here and there that objects to
their packages being NMUed during BSPs ; this example to illustrate
that there are for sure a lot of us that want to keep an exclusive
maintainership of their packages ("exclusive" doesn't exclude a team
of maintainers).

Having people randomly "fixing" packages is known to be bad, and this
would only encourage this.

> No more waiting for absentee maintainers to fix trivial bugs in their

We already have procedures to handle that. If they don't work the way
they should, they need to be fixed.

> packages.  The BSDs do it and manage to put out regular releases.  There
> may need to be levels of privilege i.e a core team but I would argue there
> is a de facto core Debian team right now anyway.  As long as there is a
> good communication and a clear audit trail for when thngs go wrong I think
> it could work.

Core teams kinda suck IMHO. What I like and appreciate in this project
is that there is no core team. As you said there's an informal core
team already, but it's not the same as a formal one.

> Proposal:  Stop releasing altogether

Interesting ! ;)

> sid would be the only Debian distribution.  Other companies/interested
> groups of people would be responsible for putting out finished products on
> whatever schedule suited them.  The debian projects role would be to
> produce the packages, and provide infrastructure (BTS, policy, installer.)
> Does this this sound unworkable?  Look how many specialized Knoppix
> knockoffs are beginning to bloom.  Look how many people try Linux From
> Scratch.  And most longtime Debian users upgrade continuously without any
> thought to releases anyway.

I think we need to produce a "100% Official Debian" still. Because I'm
not sure everybody would find a flavor that suits her as our current
releases do.

And, well, what about security updates ? I guess they would have to be
handled by the group responsible for the "release" ?

When we make a new release, it's stamped with [Debian Quality] in big
red letters, and I'm pretty sure that's what our users are looking
for, even if it's sometimes not perfect. Putting together a consistent
set of packages is not an easy task, and I do not really see how
external groups would interface with unstable or whatever it would be

When you're speaking of "longtime Debian users" upgrading as they see
fit, don't you think that it affects mainly desktop systems, and
non-critical systems ?

The idea might be to produce "Desktop updates" (like your proposed
Service Pack), and "General updates" (the current revisions of stable
would fit that).

"Desktop updates" would provide up-to-date environments and office
tools (GNOME, KDE, OOo, ...), etc.


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