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Modular Debian (was: Re: Some proposals)

On Thu, 2003-02-27 at 05:54, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
> Seeing as everyone else is throwing in their two currency units, here are
> some ideas i've been kicking around.
> Proposal:  woody service pack 1

Like that one. But call it 'enhancement pack' (power tools?) or
something to make it clear that it is *not* a bug fix release.

> Proposal: put all Debian code in a repository and make all maintainers
> responsible for all packages.

No. But others commented on this, too.

> Proposal:  Stop releasing altogether

No. But I like your idea of 'industrialplantian' and 'sysadminian' and

So, perhaps what we want is a modular Debian:

Debian Core
	base system, gcc, perl, java if it ever becomes available &
	popular. Perhaps python as the number of python tools increases 
	This one can be released relatively often, without having to 	wait on
kde and gnome...

Debian Desktop, based on Debian core X.Y
	X, kde, gnome and applications. The problem here is that it
	would be as slow as the current Debian, I guess.  You could 	argue that
gnome and kde should be split out - but the problem
	is when we have 20 Debian flavours: who manages them? So I'd
	propose just Desktop. Could be put out more often than current
	stable because stability and upgrading requirements are perhaps 
	a little less strict as with the server parts (kde3 changes a 	lot from
kde2, so users will notify an upgrade anyway)

Debian Backend, based on Debian core X.Y
	All the server tools - postgres, apache, mailers, ...

Of course, this only sounds simple. Debian core would have to include at
least one mailer, too. Where to put the zillion different shells and
scripting languages? It's not core, but it's not specifically Backend or
Desktop either. Make a 'Debian Everythingelse'? Nobody really would have
an interest.

What I propose is essentially to make the current subprojects more
independent, and let them have their own formal releases within Debian.

> Proposal:  Make all the people who talk but aren't going to do 
> anything shut up.

Okay, okay, okay. s'just an idea, since it seems to be the time for
'Debian loses users to Gentoo' or 'Doom of Debian' or 'Future is
unclear' or that kind of things.

-- vbi

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