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Re: mICQ roundup

* Rico -mc- Gloeckner <mc@ukeer.de> [030217 11:52]:
> Still i admit i would have wished that he'd tried other ways to fix the
> Maintainer-Upstream Problem, but this has happened now and nobody can
> turn back time.
> Rudiger did a great work on micq (I think there is nobody who can judge
> that better than me, beside of Ruediger himself :-) and it would have
> been pointless to invest that large amount of work into micq if he just
> intended to harm the micq users.

I think noone really thinks Ruediger wanted to harm someone. Its just
that he harms (or normally only insults beyond any taste) people through 
reacting in a way that can under no circumstanced justified by what he is 
reacting to. (People knowing him a bit longer will know that he ends up 
doing so regulary when faced with people making stupid mistakes and then
ignoring his flameing.)

  Bernhard R. Link

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