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Re: mICQ roundup

Miros/law Baran <baran@knm.org.pl> writes:

> 17.02.2003 pisze Remi Vanicat (vanicat@debian.org):
>> And maybe I should call 911: I've heard my neighbor having a
>> dispute, may be they will kill one another next time. Who knows? 
> There is one problem with the analogies; they are mostly false.

I must agree. my problem is that I really see a difference between a
definitive act (destroying data) and a temporary act (disabling a

> Let's go back to the real-life case, i.e. human-to-human communication
> problems and the ways of dealing with them: our honourable upstream
> maintainer wanted to teach one package maintainer how it was important
> to listen to his very wishes. For that purpose he decided to use all
> the population of micq users in the unstable distribution, effectively
> rendering the package unusable for them. How THIS non-analogy looks
> like?

This is not the same as destroying data. My main problem in this
discussion is all those accusation saying that Ruediger will destroy
data. There is noting implying this in anything he have said or
done. I don't care so much for all the rest, but this kind slander
bother me.

Rémi Vanicat

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