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Re: Proposal for removal of mICQ package

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:

>>>>>> In article <[🔎] 87wuk3m7en.dlv@wanadoo.fr>, Remi VANICAT <vanicat@debian.org> writes:


>>> You want to ignore a denial of service poison pill, and you think
>>> I am being silly?
>> DOS ? Well, micq is an icq client, and the (very stupid)
>> modification made by upstream doesn't make me unable to use icq
>> (well, I'm using gnomeicu...).
>	Now you are saying micq has no value (since loss of its
> services was of no consequence). Given 
>> Be serious. The program even give a immediate solution to the
>> problem. (to download the upstream debian package).
>	And that is somehow acceptable?

My problem is there, of course, the behavior of upstream is a
misbehavior, but there is no security risk. I don't see any :
- user data loss
- user data revealed
- back door

So I don't see any risk here (only in the imagination of some, but no
real risk), and then removing the package will harm some of our

Rémi Vanicat

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