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Re: Qt Changes ahead - Info for package maintainers + developers

> a) Chris Cheney:  update kde-common/admin/debianrules and fix
> kdelibs/debian/dh-make template that people are going to use to produce KDE
> debs with.

One thing worth noting:  the admin/debianrules won't be coming from the 
dh-make template; it will be coming (in most cases) from the upstream 
tarball.  That is, even once calc makes this change in KDE CVS, almost all 
3rd-party apps that aren't hosted on KDE CVS will still ship with an old 
admin/ directory (since upstream developers don't seem to update them very 
frequently in my experience) and so when people go to roll their own packages 
it will still break AIUI.



Ben Burton
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