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Re: Qt Changes ahead - Info for package maintainers + developers

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On Montag, 10. Februar 2003 06:52, Ben Burton wrote:
> > a) Chris Cheney:  update kde-common/admin/debianrules and fix
> > kdelibs/debian/dh-make template that people are going to use to produce
> > KDE debs with.
> One thing worth noting:  the admin/debianrules won't be coming from the
> dh-make template; it will be coming (in most cases) from the upstream
> tarball.  That is, even once calc makes this change in KDE CVS, almost all
> 3rd-party apps that aren't hosted on KDE CVS will still ship with an old
> admin/ directory (since upstream developers don't seem to update them very
> frequently in my experience) and so when people go to roll their own
> packages it will still break AIUI.

That's the reason I initially wanted to use a debianrules created from the 
version we use and ship it with the dh-make template. Wasn't much of a 
problem until now that we changed it but I guess we have to add a new one 
there that doesn't include admin/debianrules but debian/debianrules which we 
ship by ourselves. OTOH Qt should be found fine through the search pathes 
admin uses for looking through configure for it automatically.

> Ben.

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