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Qt Changes ahead - Info for package maintainers + developers

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as I'm working with Martin to finish up the packaging and restructuring, we're 
close to the end of that. As in particular one change will affect literally 
everyone unfortunately that either maintains a Qt application package or a 
KDE package, I'd like to inform you of the forseeable problems ahead.

Let me point out what it is, what we did (or intend to do), what that means 
for you in terms of what you need to do to make your apps compile again :-)

Ok, long time ago someone (probably Ivan) packaged Qt that it follows these 


Qt includes -> /usr/include/qt
Qt libraries -> /usr/lib

Now that Martin already moved the QTDIR to /usr/share/qt3 for his Qt3 package, 
and the problems to combine all 4 Qt versions (Qt3, Qt2, Qt3-embedded, 
Qt2-embedded) so that they work for developers in whichever way they want to 
use the and the recompile orgy and importing of Qt3/KDE3 apps into sid, I 
think this is the one time chance to finally fix those issues once and for 
all. Therefore, we intend to change the include path to the Qt 3 header files 
from /usr/include/qt to /usr/include/qt3.

This is the best thing to do and the next step would be to rework on Qt 2 with 
Ivan to make it match the requirements for parallel installation for 
developers with the minimum of pain and no file conflicts. I haven't had a 
too close look at Qt 2 yet because the work with Martin on Qt3 consumed my 
last 3 weeks alone already due to the problems we had until yesterday 
afternoon :-) so please bear with us.

What needs to be done if you want to recompile your package that you maintain 
which needs Qt 3 ?

a) Chris Cheney:  update kde-common/admin/debianrules and fix 
kdelibs/debian/dh-make template that people are going to use to produce KDE 
debs with.

b) Ben, Chris: you probably need to recompile your packages after updating 

c) Any Qt3 package maintainer: use --with-qt-includes=/usr/include/qt3 in case 
configure can't find the Qt includes in that path by itself.

I'm sorry that this has to happen but due to the sluggish inconsistent 
maintenance of Qt in Debian this is probably the best time to fix those 
issues during the transition at the same time.

If you have any serious objection, please ask Ivan and Martin to answer you 
because I'll be away to NordU in Västeras from tomorrow morning on.

Thank you for your patience and attention and your understanding for packagers 
that aren't free of doing mistakes once in a while :-)

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