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Re: Freeze Please?


> Just out of curiosity: how many people actually *use* Debian on m68k on a
> regular basis? I was talking with Jeff Bailey IRL a few weeks ago, and he
> mentioned how, uhh, *fast*, m68k is.

Well, my Amiga is still a lot faster than my PC, so I was using it
regularly until the IDE controller blew up. I have replacement parts and
a spare machine, so I might donate a fast buildd once my exams are over.

> Does anyone actually use Debian/m68k
> for serious purposes? If it's just a cool curiosity, then I propose we
> disregard it for the purposes of getting libc into testing.

Erm, the glibc bugs holding it up are one license issue and three bugs,
on i386, m68k and sparc respectively.


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