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Re: On the matter of Qt packaging

Moin Rico!
Rico -mc- Gloeckner schrieb am Thursday, den 06. February 2003:

> On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 05:36:46PM +0100, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> > > [1] In a mail from R?diger to Madkiss, "Jordi Mallach war nie Maintainer
> > > von mICQ. Auch nicht Sponsor, oder wei? der Geier was. Also erfind nicht
> > > irgendwelchen Schwachsinn.", which appears to translate to "Jordi
> > > Mallach was never Maintainer of mICQ. Nor he was Sponsor or whatever. So
> > > please don't invent stories like that."
> > 
> > A less nice translation: "Jordi Mallach was never Maintainer of mICQ, nor
> > Sponsor or what the f*k it is, so please do not tell such bullshit". I would
> > recommend his AM to be carefull doing the P&P checks.
> "Jordi Mallach never was Maintainer of mICQ, nor Sponsor, nor whatever
> else. Do not invent any bollocks."

Oh, plese, do not make it sound to petty. A translation should follow
the tone and make it sound less harmless.

> Ruediger knows exactly what a Maintainer is, despite your wrong (or
> misunderstandable) Translation.

Maybe, and he tries to become a developer. And when I hear that he keeps
insulting developers in private mail, I am very sceptic about his

> On another Note, i dont find it very useful to publish private Posts (as
> the OP suggests) on a Mailinglist. Most People (that would include me)
> express themselves less politically in private Posts and IMVHO private
> Posts never should be forwarded without the Permission of the OP.
> When a DD experiences Problems with an Upstream Author, then he should
> probably ask more experienced DDs for Support, not ignore the Upstream.

When a wanna-be-DD sees an concurent wanna-be-DD and throws stones in
his way using the upstream package, I cannot see anything good in this
behaviour. And he can complain loudly about bad packaging as Ralf done,
there is no real reason for such childish private wars.

> I dont know if Ruediger agress with this, but maybe someone could check
> Ruedigers debs and if they are approriate be sponsor for Ruedigers micq
> debs - this seems to be a good solution to me.


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