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Re: On the matter of Qt packaging

#include <hallo.h>
Jordi Mallach wrote on Thu Feb 06, 2003 um 04:29:16PM:

FIRST: I do not have anything to do with Qt3 packaging issues and it did not
interesst me much before reading this thread.

> > I think this is also an isse which should be fixed ASAP...
> I can also say that Micq upstream is not being nice either. I have a few
> nice mails from Rüdiger from the time when Micq was mostly unmaintained
> upstream and it didn't work at all due to the ICQ protocol change. I had

Even then, it seems that there are people interessting in maintaining it, so
we should choose someone for the job who is good in dealing with psychological
complicated cases of upstream authors, or just came to open hostility against
upstream because of different opinions or whatever the reason may be. I did so
with cdrtools and I would do it again.

> [1] In a mail from Rüdiger to Madkiss, "Jordi Mallach war nie Maintainer
> von mICQ. Auch nicht Sponsor, oder wei? der Geier was. Also erfind nicht
> irgendwelchen Schwachsinn.", which appears to translate to "Jordi
> Mallach was never Maintainer of mICQ. Nor he was Sponsor or whatever. So
> please don't invent stories like that."

A less nice translation: "Jordi Mallach was never Maintainer of mICQ, nor
Sponsor or what the f*k it is, so please do not tell such bullshit". I would
recommend his AM to be carefull doing the P&P checks.


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