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Re: On the matter of Qt packaging


Disclaimer: I don't use Qt or have every sponsored a qt upload, and
reading this thread, I can see there's an important problem with that
package. But...

On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 03:38:26PM +0100, Alexander Neumann wrote:
> Recently, I became aware of a problem between the upstream author of
> micq and Martin. After installation of the official Debian-package, a
> friend of mine got this message:
> "You're using the mICQ package provided by Debian. Since the Debian
> maintainer is extremely uncooperative, you're adviced to use the better
> quality package from micq.org. Simply add the following line to your
> /etc/apt/sources.list to track stable versions of mICQ:
> deb http://www.micq.org/debian stable main
> To track CVS snapshots, add:
> deb http://www.micq.org/debian testing main
> Source packages may be retrieved similarly."
> I think this is also an isse which should be fixed ASAP...

I can also say that Micq upstream is not being nice either. I have a few
nice mails from Rüdiger from the time when Micq was mostly unmaintained
upstream and it didn't work at all due to the ICQ protocol change. I had
been the Micq maintainer in the past, and then Sander Smeenk took over
till the package rendered unusable. Sander decided to remove the package
from Debian entirely, and Rüdiger basically insulted us all for having
done so.

I just want to make clear: while there appears to be a Micq problem,
don't blindly put pointing fingers at Madkiss. Rüdiger isn't too
friendly, at all. I have no opinion on the Qt issue, otoh, as I have
never used those packages.

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002 13:11:03 +0100, he wrote
> > I admit it wasn't very nice of me to _not_ mail the micq-list about that,
> > my _sincere_ apologies for that.
> Actually this is the worst mismaintainment I've seen so far, after having
> several bugs closed that weren't fixed (like KDE still having trouble
> with the ? - the maintainer didn't see the light and just closed it
> (#122533), while the locales maintainer considered a simplistic fix
> (well, workaround) for not feasible (#130259)). Cool. Maybe I should
> just drop debian...
> Ergo: not accepted.

Heh, so Jordi never maintained micq [1], Sander is the worst maintainer in
the world and BenC and DanielS suck too. We're surrounded by

[1] In a mail from Rüdiger to Madkiss, "Jordi Mallach war nie Maintainer
von mICQ. Auch nicht Sponsor, oder wei? der Geier was. Also erfind nicht
irgendwelchen Schwachsinn.", which appears to translate to "Jordi
Mallach was never Maintainer of mICQ. Nor he was Sponsor or whatever. So
please don't invent stories like that."

EOT for me, this was too long ago anyway.

PS: we all know DanielS sucks, no need for Rüdiger to tell us. >:) ;p

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