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Re: [desktop] debian backgrounds package

Am 12.01.03 um 17:21:42 schrieb Erik Steffl:
>   The ratios for most popular resolutions are basically same:
> 	1280/1024	= 1.25000
> 	1024/768	= 1.33333
>   not sure what to do about 1280x1024, either resize it and ignore the 
> change of ratio or crop the picture and resize it or add something to 
> the picture and resize it.

For many devices, the resolution may have a 5:4 ratio, but the actual
device still has 4:3. Thus it's safe to just scale it.

BTW, I use 1920x1200, yep that's 16:10. I'd really like background
pictures where I can cut off some stuff to the top and bottom without
destroying content.


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