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Re: Breaking threads

ma, 13-01-2003 kello 10:11, Sean 'Shaleh' Perry kirjoitti:
> then evolution is broken.  jwz has a writeup on his site explaining the algo 
> he implemented in Netscape mailer.  It makes sense and is pretty easy to 
> implement.  Basically you try the right things and then use Subject when all 
> else fails.

This does, of course, join unrelated messages into one thread. I should
know, since I implemented it in my (now defunct) mailer and it was
occasionally annoying.

> Part of handling email is dealing with busted clients and servers.  Being hard 
> nosed about the input only leads to pain and suffering of the user and the 
> admin.

Quite true. However, it is also true that it would be good to fix the
mailers or people who break threads, if it is possible.

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