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Re: [desktop] debian backgrounds package

Jean-Michel Kelbert wrote:
On 03/01/12 at 16:14 Frank Gevaerts (frank@gevaerts.be) wrote :

http://www.kde-look.org/ seems to be a weebsite dedicated to people
liking eye-candy. People using 800x600 or 640x480 will not look at that
website, and so will not vote.

That's why, I will setup a nother poll.
Give me just 2 or 3 weeks, so that I will have time to make a site whit
a collection of backgrounds, and a poll for the preferred resolution.


resolution: images should be in maximum reasonable resolution (1920x1440?), resized during installation (or provide a script that resizes them all).

  The ratios for most popular resolutions are basically same:

	1920/1440	= 1.33333
	1856/1392	= 1.33333
	1792/1344	= 1.33333
	1600/1200	= 1.33333
	1280/1024	= 1.25000
	1280/960	= 1.33333
	1152/864	= 1.33333
	1024/768	= 1.33333
	800/600		= 1.33333
	640/480		= 1.33333

not sure what to do about 1280x1024, either resize it and ignore the change of ratio or crop the picture and resize it or add something to the picture and resize it. I guess for abstract stuff (like most of the logos you link to) the slight change of ratio does not matter but for e.g. photos it might be a problem. In a package you can decide on a case by case basis (or even let user decide).

  which background to choose:

it doesn't have to be one package, there can be a basic one with most popular ones and then some other ones, e.g. debian toy story, debian kde etc. What would be nice is support for composite packages in debian - something along the line of locales package but more generic, part of packaging system. Then user could install debian backgrounds package and pick which subpackages to install (it could go down to a level of individual pictures). Of course, nothing prevents you to copy locales approach.

It might be enough to name background packages consistently (e.g. each starts with debian-bacgrounds-)


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