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Re: [desktop] Setting default wallpaper

>> Matthew McGuire <gray@shadowglade.net> writes:

 > I think the props go to Marcelo Magallon, who is the current
 > maintainer.  To be entirely honest I like it better than the blue one
 > I just did. I kind of wondered why we didn't adopt it as the
 > wallpaper of choice.

 Nope, sorry, the credit is not mine to take.  You can thank Gary Burke
 <gfburke@earthlink.net> for that.  Funny, I remember adding that info
 to the copyright file... ah... /usr/share/doc/wmaker/Debian.theme.txt

 > Marcelo, if you have it, I would be very pleased to get a source
 > version in .xcf or whatever app was used.

 Sorry, I don't have it.  You can try mailing Gary.

Marcelo             | Gravity is a habit that is hard to shake off.
mmagallo@debian.org |         -- (Terry Pratchett, Small Gods)

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