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Re: [desktop] Setting default wallpaper

On Thu, 2002-12-19 at 05:17, Stefan Schwandter wrote:
> Hi!
> For the DeMuDi project (www.demudi.org) we'd like to set a default
> background image for the desktop. It should be the same for each or most
> desktop environments/window managers that are available in debian
> (woody).
> Has somebody already found out a clean and simple way to accomplish
> this? Or will I have to make some changes to every desktop environment
> (changing a default in a gnome core package, i a kde core package, in
> the different window manager packages)?

Currently to do this cleanly for GNOME at least, we need GNOME 2.2.  I
plan to make the default background the one from desktop-base.  I'm
hoping Chris Cheney will get around to doing this for KDE soon too.

Maybe what we could do is have a symlink in desktop-base which points to
the default background.  That way if you DeMuDi people want a different
background, it would be a relatively simple matter of creating your own
desktop-base package with that symlink changed.

Make sense?

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