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Re: Announcing apt-watch: a Gnome 2 panel applet to check for upgrades


Am Mit, 2002-12-18 um 20.23 schrieb Emile van Bergen:
> >   This could be worked around by storing the downloaded lists in the
> > home directory of the current user -- although that has a different
> > drawback (they would have to re-download the updated lists in the "real"
> > package manager, which is a bit confusing)
> True, but perhaps for some people preferrable over having a suid part
> and automatically overwriting the apt lists. Anyway, its your call ;-)

I'd suggest to give the user the choice via debconf. Either he wants to
run it with a part setuid'ed and have the full features, or he wants
security and does not allow the setuid part, allowing the applet only to
show new packages, but not perform any action (so that he can examine
that stuff like usual with apt-get -u or apt-show-versions or whatever
he does before apt-get upgrade).

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