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Re: [desktop] Interesting piece of artwork

Quoting Jean-Michel Kelbert <kelbert@debian.org>:

> I don't pass too much time on lilo. However it is the first contact that
> you have with debian after the installation. To my mind, it is important
> to have something which looks good. It is not hard to do it, and will
> immediately give a good impression to new users.

True, first impressions always last. Just wanted to state that lilo isn't the
only place that could use a nice background... 

> > Why not use one of them as the new debian-wallpaper? we could make a
> package
> > with a collection of the rest (couldn't find one, maybe it already exists,
> a
> > kdewallpapers-package does afaik).
> That a good idea. If you have links with debian wallpapers could send
> them to me ? After my holidays I will get in touch with the persons who
> realises each of them in order to know the license of these wallpapers.
> So that I could realize a debianwallpapers package. What do you think
> about it ?

I'll keep on the lookout for any i might find (did have a personal collection
somewhere, just none that spiffy). Can anyone confirm or deny that something
similar doesn't already exist? 

> > Another idea might be having a kernel with framebuffer display a
> (scaled-down)
> Look at kernel-patch-debianlogo - Display a Debian logo on a framebuffer
> device at boottime

I'll do that, thanks. Have some time over the weekend, there were a few issues
with booting an animation, i'll see what i can come up with...



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