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Re: [desktop] Interesting piece of artwork

On 02/12/15 at 10:14 Alex de Landgraaf (alextreme@xs4all.nl) wrote :


> Wow, they sure look nice... personally i would find them too good for mere lilo!
> (how long do you stare at your lilo anyway? :)

I don't pass too much time on lilo. However it is the first contact that
you have with debian after the installation. To my mind, it is important
to have something which looks good. It is not hard to do it, and will
immediately give a good impression to new users.

> Why not use one of them as the new debian-wallpaper? we could make a package
> with a collection of the rest (couldn't find one, maybe it already exists, a
> kdewallpapers-package does afaik).

That a good idea. If you have links with debian wallpapers could send
them to me ? After my holidays I will get in touch with the persons who
realises each of them in order to know the license of these wallpapers.
So that I could realize a debianwallpapers package. What do you think
about it ?

> Another idea might be having a kernel with framebuffer display a (scaled-down)

Look at kernel-patch-debianlogo - Display a Debian logo on a framebuffer
device at boottime

Jean-Michel Kelbert

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