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Re: location of UnicodeData.txt


On Thu, Nov 28, 2002 at 11:47:52AM -0600, John Hasler wrote:

> Emile van Bergen writes:
> > I'd say that the definition of Unicode, heck even ASCII, involves a fair
> > amount of creativity.
> I don't doubt that the development of Unicode involved creativity: under
> current law it probably qualifies as a patentable invention.  Inventions
> and ideas, however, cannot be copyrighted: only creative works reduced to
> tangible form can.  I'm arguing that the _creation_ _of_ _that_ _table_
> involved no creativity, not that the invention of Unicode didn't.

Well, so you say that if I write a novel, all my creativity is in the
abstract idea; putting the words down involved no extra creativity; thus
the sequence of words cannot be copyrighted?

I think your argument doesn't help here...

> Is it possible to create other Unicode tables that serve the same purpose
> as that one and differ from it non-trivially?

Good question. Under your reasoning, merely writing the list down from
the unicode spec, possibly using | as separators instead of :, should do
the trick.



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