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Re: location of UnicodeData.txt

Tim Dijkstra wrote:

So doesn't this mean it's time to change the social contract or the DFSG
(are standards software?) to make an exception for 'documents and files
describing standards'. It's clear that we can't live without them (hence
should be in main), and it is also clear there is no use in changing
standards on you're own.

No, we can live without standard in main. I never read ISO C and POSIX
standards (because these was non free (like free beer)). But
I program GNU/Linux in C. Also the RFC are not enough free, but I see
no problem readint it in non-free.

It would better to have those standard in 'main' and to be able
to modify (translate, correct, collect, simplify,..), but yet...

UnicodeData is different, because we need the data in our program,
not only the ideas. And it this case we see that as software!

Are database (tables) copyrightable? (IIRC there was some discussion
in US, but anyway, in the 'free world', IMO data are free.


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