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Re: [desktop] foomatic-gui is born

Em Wed, 27 Nov 2002 02:21:47 -0600, Chris Lawrence <lawrencc@debian.org>

> Yes, some sort of "su to root" prompt is probably a good idea; dunno
> if I can reuse the existing code or what.  If not, something similar
> probably won't be hard to whip together (although I guess we probably
> have half a dozen "graphical su"s in Debian already).
> FWIW, the GNOME System Tools root prompts don't seem to work for me...
> Probably the best approach would be to use something like gksu in the
> menu entry; why reinvent the wheel?

It would be good if we had a standard way of doing that... I talked to
walters about this some weeks ago, and he suggested it would be a good
thing to merge xsu, gnome-sudo and gksu (maybe others?).

I'm willing to work towards this, and I think it would be good to
create some policy for that, probably modify the su-to-root script
to use a "graphical su" alternative if $DISPLAY is set... 

It would even be good to have a capplet (and the equivalento on kcontrol)
with options like:

Which way to become root?:	
(*) Giving the root password (su)
( ) Using powers given by the admin (sudo)

What application will ask for the password?

(*) gnome-su (say this is the result of gnome-sudo + gksu + xsu)
( ) kdesu
( ) terminal with su
( ) custom

Command: (in case custom is selected)

The options should be changed in case the first question is changed,
of course.


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