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Re: [desktop] foomatic-gui is born

On Nov 27, Colin Walters wrote:
> > Maybe, although GNOME System Tools is perl-based, so I'm not entirely
> > sure it's a good idea from a dependency standpoint.
> True enough.  I just wonder if there's a way you could somehow reuse
> some of the nice work they've done, like the root password prompt.

Yes, some sort of "su to root" prompt is probably a good idea; dunno
if I can reuse the existing code or what.  If not, something similar
probably won't be hard to whip together (although I guess we probably
have half a dozen "graphical su"s in Debian already).

FWIW, the GNOME System Tools root prompts don't seem to work for me...

Probably the best approach would be to use something like gksu in the
menu entry; why reinvent the wheel?

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