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Re: Migration of non-free packages to testing

I demand that John H. Robinson, IV may or may not have written...

> would it be feasable for each non-free maintainer to maintain an
> apt-get'able archive on people.d.o? would that even be desired?

> i'd prefer to see, if non-free goes, that some place popped up out of thin
> air, (we-are-not-debian.net ?) this way, each non-free user would have to
> add one deb line to their sources.list. having to add one line for each
> desired non-free program would get tedious. how much do we wish to punish
> our users for using non-free stuff?

It may be enough that they (we) are reminded in small ways: the text of menu
entries for non-free programs could be suffixed with "(non-free)"; apt-get
and friends flagging non-free packages more obviously.

For instance, if you 'apt-get install whirlgif', apt-get would say:

  The following NEW NON-FREE packages will be installed:


> however, i do not have the resources for such a central server either.


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