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Re: Migration of non-free packages to testing

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	I don't think that a place to keep angband shall just
>  magically appear, either. I don't have access to a place where I can
>  maintain a apt gettable repository. I suspect angband players shall
>  have to go somewhere else to get it.

that is my biggest fear with the proposed removal of non-free, where
will the non-free packages go? if there is no where for them to go,
a place where they can _all_ go, then our users will be at a

would it be feasable for each non-free maintainer to maintain an
apt-get'able archive on people.d.o? would that even be desired?

i'd prefer to see, if non-free goes, that some place popped up out of
thin air, (we-are-not-debian.net ?) this way, each non-free user would
have to add one deb line to their sources.list. having to add one line
for each desired non-free program would get tedious. how much do we wish
to punish our users for using non-free stuff?

however, i do not have the resources for such a central server either.


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