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Re: Bug#167297: ITP: gnome1 -- The GNU Network Object Model Environment (version 1)

Le sam 02/11/2002 à 15:39, Colin Walters a écrit :

> "So, how should it work? The plan for future versions of GTK+ is that
> widget properties will be modifiable from RC files, [...]"
> Why don't you help the GTK+ authors implement this, instead of forking
> Debian GNOME?

Because I certainly don't have enough GTK+ internals knowledge to do

> As has been said *many* times, menu editing will be in GNOME 2.2.  It is
> actually already in the Debian packages.  Just point nautilus2 at
> applications:///.
> There has been discussion on desktop-devel-list about making the menu
> panel go away, and replacing it with a normal panel with a menu applet. 
> This will probably fix your concerns.

I'm very glad to hear this, if it means that those removed
functionalities will come back soon. Nevertheless, they are not
available now and won't be for some time.

> Yes, some features were removed, in order to simply the interface and
> implementation.  Now that a much saner base has been reached, work can
> begin on adding back the features that make sense.

Don't tell me the interface and the implementation are simplified with 4
kinds of panels instead of one, this is just a joke.

It just seems to me that the Gnome developers' objectives have changed.
Gnome 1.4 was a nice-looking, highly configurable desktop. Gnome 2 is
designed to show a unified interface which is easily understandable for
newbies and Windows/MacOS users - just like KDE. It's very good at that,
but i don't think it deserves the same purpose anymore.

> Please don't fork Debian GNOME.  Please.  You will be doing a disservice
> to our users, who will be confused by the presence of two versions of
> GNOME in the archive.  You will be doing a disservice to the GNOME
> developers, who will have to deal with people reporting bugs that have
> long been fixed in GNOME 2.  And you will be creating a distraction from
> our main focus, which should be making sure GNOME 2 in Debian kicks
> butt.

That's certainly not my objective. But then, what do you suggest to do
*now* for people who used to have a working setup suitable for their
needs and don't have it anymore ?

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