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Re: Bug#167297: ITP: gnome1 -- The GNU Network Object Model Environment (version 1)

Le ven 01/11/2002 à 22:23, Christian Marillat a écrit :

> Do you know that you are trying to fork my packages ?

Yes. And i believe it is because you have done a great work with these
packages that it is possible.

> Some engines are already ported to gtk-2.0

And many of them are not. All the existing gtk2 themes/engines are just
color changes and cosmetic improvements, and they basically look all the
http://www.gtk.org/~otaylor/gtk/2.0/theme-engines.html states : "What if
you want to make scrollbars wider, or move both arrows of a scrollbar to
the same side of the trough? Well, it isn't possible within the official
theme engine API."

Free Software is about diversity, and the Gnome developers deliberately
chose to abandon diversity.

> > if not impossible, to port), patching several window managers so that
> > they support Gnome 2, and changing completely the panel and the control
> > center so that everything that was configurable in Gnome 1.4 is also
> > configurable in Gnome 2. *That* is an enormous amount of work.
> Not true. Applications who ship a capplet should be build against
> libcapplet1-dev. Only some minor changes need to be done in the desktop
> file.

I'm not talking of the applications' capplets.
Look at the panel, for example. In Gnome 1, there was one kind of panel,
which could take various appearances and include menus, applets or
launchers. The new panel can now include named menus and drawers. This
is very good. But if you look a bit closer, there is no possible
configuration at all for the menus, the named menus are restricted to
the top "menu panel", and it is impossible to move some panels. Instead
of having one kind of panel that can take several appearances, you have
to choose between several kinds of panels, which have restricted
functionality. This is just plain stupid design. What if i want to have
the applications menu on the left side of the screen ? Or if i want the
Debian menu ?
Once again, diversity is abandoned to the benefit of some obscure UI
experts statements. And of course it is the same with many configuration
possibilities of the Gnome desktop (not talking about the things which
are only available through the gconf editor).

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