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Re: Bug#167297: ITP: gnome1 -- The GNU Network Object Model Environment (version 1)

On Sat, 2002-11-02 at 06:23, Josselin Mouette wrote:

> And many of them are not. All the existing gtk2 themes/engines are just
> color changes and cosmetic improvements, and they basically look all the
> same.
> http://www.gtk.org/~otaylor/gtk/2.0/theme-engines.html states : "What if
> you want to make scrollbars wider, or move both arrows of a scrollbar to
> the same side of the trough? Well, it isn't possible within the official
> theme engine API."
> Free Software is about diversity, and the Gnome developers deliberately
> chose to abandon diversity.

Um, you must have deliberately omitted the sentence right after that:
"Nonetheless, various themes that are available actually do this."
He even goes on to say:

"So, how should it work? The plan for future versions of GTK+ is that
widget properties will be modifiable from RC files, [...]"

Why don't you help the GTK+ authors implement this, instead of forking
Debian GNOME?

> I'm not talking of the applications' capplets.
> Look at the panel, for example. In Gnome 1, there was one kind of panel,
> which could take various appearances and include menus, applets or
> launchers. The new panel can now include named menus and drawers. This
> is very good. But if you look a bit closer, there is no possible
> configuration at all for the menus, 

As has been said *many* times, menu editing will be in GNOME 2.2.  It is
actually already in the Debian packages.  Just point nautilus2 at

> the named menus are restricted to
> the top "menu panel", and it is impossible to move some panels.

There has been discussion on desktop-devel-list about making the menu
panel go away, and replacing it with a normal panel with a menu applet. 
This will probably fix your concerns.

> Once again, diversity is abandoned to the benefit of some obscure UI
> experts statements.

Yes, some features were removed, in order to simply the interface and
implementation.  Now that a much saner base has been reached, work can
begin on adding back the features that make sense.

Please don't fork Debian GNOME.  Please.  You will be doing a disservice
to our users, who will be confused by the presence of two versions of
GNOME in the archive.  You will be doing a disservice to the GNOME
developers, who will have to deal with people reporting bugs that have
long been fixed in GNOME 2.  And you will be creating a distraction from
our main focus, which should be making sure GNOME 2 in Debian kicks

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