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Re: A Round of Removals (utah-glx)

At Thu, 31 Oct 2002 22:48:04 -0800,
Philip Brown wrote:
> It hasnt even occurred to me to even check if utah-glx even properly
> fulfils that (ie: is it a lacking in the library itself, or just
>  a mispackaging issue?)
> That's not a particular goal of the utah-glx project, although it might
> also fulfil it as a side effect of including mesa source.

If you want to define something that a usual program assumes to
be part of libopengl-dev, please define a new virtual
pacakge, maybe called libopengl-barebones-dev, and 
declare it in the virtual packages list in policy.

Adding "Provides: libgl-dev" is breaking a lot of applications.


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