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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 01:41:38AM +0200, Joakim Kolsjö scribbled:
> > Look at this from another angle. If a user, a complete newbie, is offerred
> > two desktop environments they won't know which too choose, it will create a
> > confusion, it will discourage them etc. etc. If DD is supposed to be
> > successful, it should show the users screenshots before making the choice of
> > the desktop and have them choose the one they like better. That would appeal
> > to them visually - and that's basically what desktop is all about for the
> > newbies... If they make the choice - let them live happily ever after in
> > that environment. Later on when they become "power users" they will learn
> > how to make choices. 
> > 
> > my 0.02EUR :)
> > 
> > marek
> > 
> This is wy this thread is going to be very long... it would be nice with
> some kind of a summary here. We seem to have all kinds of diffrent opinions
> here and that's good i guess.
> So are you for or against that DD should make one common menu for the
I'm in favor - with the note that it shouldn't mix entries from the two
desktops. The layout should be the same, with equivalent applications at the
same places, labelled in the same way etc. - but no KDE entries in GNOME and
vice versa.

> desktops, only letting the diffrent looks become the choice the user has
> to make? Redhat's attemt to do this was not so popular(IMHO, they overdid it
> a bit) Or did i misunderstand your intentions?
Nope, you got them right. The desktops should not be unified look-wise,
that's a mistake. They should provide similar (or identical, if possible)
navigation (menus, desktop items etc.) but that as far as it should go,
IMHO. The whole idea of having two (or more) desktops is that of giving
people the choice - as to the looks, the way the applications work, the way
they are integrated together (but mostly the looks, because the ideas behind
both environments are the same... and an average Joe User doesn't give a
damn about whether GNOME uses GTK+ and Bonobo and KDE uses Qt and some other
stuff). And RedHat, as usual, tried to make a splash effect - "let's make it
loud and people will rush in", naaaah :)



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