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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On 10/23/2002 6:50 PM, Joakim Kolsjö at joakim.kolsjo@home.se wrote:

> Okey... this seems nice. There is one thing that i have been thinking about.
> Are two diffrent menus good, one for KDE and one for Gnome. Or is it better
> to create one "Debian Desktop" menu that has the same contents in both KDE
> and GNOME?
This is an excellent question - probably one worthy of extended discussion,
though perhaps not here on debian-devel.

Personally, I tend to favor several default menus customized to suit the
appropriate GUI.  One for KDE with best of breed KDE apps.  Another for
GTK-based desktop environments and window managers, such as Gnome or
Sawfish, etc. with best of breed GTK apps.  And possibly, maybe, another
menu just for for non-QT, non-GTK window managers with just plain X apps,
like XCDRoast.

My reasoning for this follows -  KDE, and the GTK based GUIs like Gnome seek
to be complete systems unto themselves, using a common set of libraries.
When in Gnome, it is very nice to use GTK apps since those libraries are
prepped, loaded, and ready to go.  Opening up a QT app while in Gnome can be
rather slow, because some subset of the QT libraries has to load first.

In addition to having an elegant User Interface, it would be nice to see
Debian Desktop run quickly too.

But maybe this idea introduces too much complexity and difficulty, or is
otherwise unworkable.  Discussion?

> Office -
> - KOffice
> - Kword
> - Gnome Office
> - Abiword
> - Gnumeric
> - Openoffice
> - Writer
> ...
> The problem is to keep it small...
Yes.  Big problem.  Another reason why I favor putting mostly KDE apps into
the KDE menu, and GTK apps into the Gnome menu.  It helps a little bit to
keep the menus simple and short.

Luke Seubert

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