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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

> > > Whatever we do, we're sure to get bad reviews for it.
> > > 
> > 
> > Heh.  Yeah, you have a good point.  Debian has always been a very powerful,
> > flexible, and configurable system.  Desktop Debian seeks to change that
> > somewhat, by making default choices (hopefully really good ones ;-) and
> > limiting other choices for the sake of simplicity and newbie easiness.
> > 
> > Doing this will upset some folks who either don't like the default choices,
> > or who want the full range, power, and flexibility of regular Debian.
> > Desktop Debian I am sure will carefully listen to reasonable
> > complaints/feedack about the default choices.  Those folks who want a
> > totally customizable Debian probably shouldn't bother installing the Desktop
> > Debian variant.
> I suppose it should be possible and not very hard to create *-settings debs,
> for example:
> gnome-standard-settings*.deb
> gnome-desktop-settings*.deb
> kde-standard-settings*.deb
> kde-desktop-settings*.deb
> which files would contain the customized settings for what we have now and
> the Desktop Debian variant. It would probably require extending the
> alternatives system to the configuration files, though (or perhaps making
> the config files auto-generated in postinst and removed/backed up/migrated
> in prerm etc.?)

Okey... this seems nice. There is one thing that i have been thinking about.
Are two diffrent menus good, one for KDE and one for Gnome. Or is it better
to create one "Debian Desktop" menu that has the same contents in both KDE
and GNOME?

 Office -
        - KOffice
          - Kword
        - Gnome Office
          - Abiword
          - Gnumeric
        - Openoffice
          - Writer

The problem is to keep it small...

Joakim Kolsjö
A member of The Swedish Linux Society, http://se.linux.org.

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