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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 12:50:26AM +0200, Joakim Kolsjö scribbled:
> > which files would contain the customized settings for what we have now and
> > the Desktop Debian variant. It would probably require extending the
> > alternatives system to the configuration files, though (or perhaps making
> > the config files auto-generated in postinst and removed/backed up/migrated
> > in prerm etc.?)
> > 
> Okey... this seems nice. There is one thing that i have been thinking about.
> Are two diffrent menus good, one for KDE and one for Gnome. Or is it better
> to create one "Debian Desktop" menu that has the same contents in both KDE
> and GNOME?
Nah. Don't repeat the RedHat mental fart they did in their last release.
GNOME and KDE are two different environments and they should be kept
separated in a visible way, IMHO. I expect Debian Desktop to deliver the
same set of modifications to both environments, but I see no point in making
a mess out of the newbie KDE user's desktop or the newbie GNOME user's
desktop. I think it's healthier to keep those two separate.

>  Office -
>         - KOffice
>           - Kword
>         - Gnome Office
>           - Abiword
>           - Gnumeric
>         - Openoffice
>           - Writer
>     ...
> The problem is to keep it small...
Much ado about nothing, IMHO :)


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