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Re: woody : X install

>>"Bernhard" == Bernhard R Link <blink@avalon.informatik.uni-freiburg.de> writes:

 >> Even something as seemingly innocuous to us technical users as "video
 >> card" is confusing to a lot of people.  Let alone stuff like "refresh
 >> rate" and "pixel depth".  We should strive to make software Just Work
 >> whereever possible.

 Bernhard> A person not able to understand such basic terms should not install
 Bernhard> anything in my eyes. Thats like suggesting to make the root-password
 Bernhard> "password" by dafault, as non-technical users often have no
 Bernhard> understanding for the concept of "password".

	Umm, no. I think a more moderate stance is preferable, where
 we neither see auto-detection as a panacea, nor as utterly worthless

	The option of using autodetection to seed the default values
 is a good one; and if people do not understand what the question is,
 they are no worse off by taking trhe default answer.

	It would be nice if people could be told to merely trust the
 default in case of doubt; and we can be closer to being able to do so
 with good auto-detection.


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