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Re: woody : X install

* Colin Walters <walters@verbum.org> [021021 23:25]:
> Speaking with my Debian Desktop hat on, I would prefer it if you took
> the approach of just trying what the autodetection tools said, and only
> if that fails, offer the user a choice of options.  If the autodetection
> tools give incorrect information, then that's a bug in those tools we
> should fix.  If the X server doesn't get enough information from the
> autodetection tools, then we should fix that.

I think this is a very bad idea. Autodetection will never be accurate
and there will always be systems where autodetection just screw up the
system to a state where one needs a hard reset.

There has to be some possibility to prevent it doing nasty things.

> Even something as seemingly innocuous to us technical users as "video
> card" is confusing to a lot of people.  Let alone stuff like "refresh
> rate" and "pixel depth".  We should strive to make software Just Work
> whereever possible.

A person not able to understand such basic terms should not install
anything in my eyes. Thats like suggesting to make the root-password
"password" by dafault, as non-technical users often have no
understanding for the concept of "password".

Some autodetection is a very worthy goal and will really help.
But introducing it in a way users of non-mainstream hardware or wishes
can no longer use Debian is anything else but good.

  Bernhard R. Link

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