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Re: woody : X install

On 21 Oct 2002, Colin Walters wrote:

> Likewise, if the user gets totally screwed up video after XFree86 is
> installed because they have a newer video card then was in discover's
> PCI database, the answer isn't to make every single user select what
> kind of video card they have.  The answer is to fix discover, or at the
> very least only offer a choice after we've failed to make it Just Work.

Hmm.  Make discovers database into a separate package(if it isn't already).
Then, allow this package to either be updated regularlly, and downloaded
separately from an alternate site during an install, or, have a variation that
can fetch the database files from some internet hosted site.

This should allow discover to detect newer cards, and then inform the user if
those cards aren't supported by the set of drivers included with the version
of x being installed.

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