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Re: dpkg segfaults

On 18 Oct 2002, Adam Stewart Edgar wrote:

> Im in a bit of trouble here.  I am running unstable with daily updates
> on a x86.  When I went to "apt-get dist-upgrade" dpkg segfaults when
> trying to pre configure the packages.  Is any body else having this
> problem? Does anyone have any suggestion?

dpkg has not been modified in a long time.  However, glibc 2.3.1 was recently
uploaded.  I'm not saying it is at fault, but it's something to look at.

Also, what have you done to try and track this down?  Do you have a core?
strace/ltrace?  What?

You can't expect us to fix anything when you have given no information as to
the circumstances surround the bug/problem.

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