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Re: dpkg segfaults

On 18 10 2002 18:27, Adam Stewart Edgar wrote:
> Im in a bit of trouble here.  I am running unstable with daily updates
> on a x86.  When I went to "apt-get dist-upgrade" dpkg segfaults when
> trying to pre configure the packages.  Is any body else having this
> problem? Does anyone have any suggestion?

not seen/experianced here ... try:
apt-get install -t testing dpkg/testing -s
or to download and build some old release of dpkg from the ftp/http source 
archive or fetch the sources from cvs.debian.org (see http://cvs.debian.org)
(cvs co -r v1_10_4 dpkg)

Greets, fr33zb1 
[catching up with Sid (the boy next door who destroyed toys :-)]
[reg your bg translation or grab one from http://www.bgit.net/?id=37892]

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