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mplayer installer package

I guess it would be nice to package something like mplayer installer, as of 
the fashion of nvidia-* or msttcorefonts packages. I'm currently not sure if 
there is some license issues left around Mplayer, which prevent uploading the 
whole mplayer code packaged in the official archive and if there is already 
something like mplayer-installer debianized somewhere...

Anyway, here is what I think such a mplayer-installer (meta)package is 
supposed to do (let's fetch current CVS code): 
1. setup a src dir, let's say /usr/src/Mplayer-CVS/ where sources, fonts and 
skins will be temporary stored, then untarred and moved to $HOME/.mplayer/ or 
2. synchronize mplayer cvs code (debian/ dir with maintainer's scripts is 
included long time ago), also ask to fetch some fonts and skins on user 
3. tell user there is a debian/ dir within the sources and how to use 
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS ... (not sure how apt-build can help here). 
Involve auto-apt if Build-Depends of mplayer control file are insuffisient 
(for example if --enable-ggi, but the relevent headers/libs are not present 
in the system, but do not to bloat the sys with bunch of stuff user does not 
intent to use during compilation/linkage). Probably bump the version in the 
changelog or add some extra flags extract from date command.
4.after building the deb (if successful ;-) create a local deb repository with 
Packages and/or Sources files (or use apt-build one's ?), not doing the "rpm 
hell" thing:
cd /user/src ; find .-name "*.deb" > debs ; 
dpkg-scanpackages .debs > Packages; 
(dpkg-scansources ?)
ask user the line deb file:/usr/src ./   to be added to his/her sources.list
apt-get update ; apt-get install mplayer

Blah..., hard to pack a stuff like that ;-)
I'm not DD, and probably do not have the time and skills to do that, but I'm 
all eager to know if any major desing flows are seen here, also I do not mind 
if someone else want to do that or it has already been done as unofficial 
package and uploaded somewhere. Currently I use a simple Makefile 
(http://elemag.virtualave.net/files/mplayer/Makefile) to fetch the current 
cvs code and stuff, but all that looks really ugly, knowing there is a 
kick-ass packaging system around ...
Greets, fr33zb1 
[catching up with Sid (the boy next door who destroyed toys :-)]
[reg your bg translation or grab one from http://www.bgit.net/?id=37892]

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