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Re: debian.org Jabber server?

> > I'm not opposed to Jabber as such - i would prefer it to other IMs if i
> > would actually use IM much, my partners would use Jabber or the Gateways
> > would actually work - but i just don't see anything we would gain over
> > the current Mail+IRC situation.
> Do you see anything we could lose?

Well: some developers will use Jabber, others will use ICQ, lot's of
them will stay on IRC, most will continue using the mailing lists.
You'll have to investigate the best way to reach the DD you want to talk
to - right now you can just stick with Mail and IRC and reach most of
them: IRC if they have time to correspond "live", Mail else.
It makes it not easier to reach developers (as suggested before) but
more difficult, as it adds another way they could be reached - and they
might prefer to be reached for debian stuff.

This discussion is similar to the "Needs Debian an own IRC server"
discussion before... Why an own Jabber server?


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