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debian.org Jabber server?


I think many of you have heard about Jabber, an open IM solution which
becomes more and more popular. Maybe we should consider installing
Jabber server on one of debian.org machines? It could improve our
contact with users and other developers in many ways: co-maintenance,
helping with bugs, translation coordination, user to developer
contact, faster bug reporting and solving, and many more...

Just a quick note about Jabber:

<quote href="http://www.jabber.org/about/overview.php";>
Jabber is an open XML protocol for the real-time exchange of messages
and presence between any two points on the Internet. The first
application of Jabber technology is an asynchronous, extensible
instant messaging platform, and an IM network that offers
functionality similar to legacy IM systems such as AIM, ICQ, MSN, and
Yahoo. However, Jabber offers several advantages over legacy IM systems:
 * Open
 * Extensible
 * Decentralized
 * Secure

More info can be found at http://www.jabber.org/
What do you think about this idea?

Adam Byrtek

ps. Jabber server is already a part of Debian Distribution ('jabber'
package), and it smoothly integrates with LDAP - so the transition
doesn't have to be hard.


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