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Re: debian.org Jabber server?

On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 10:06:39AM +0200, Erich Schubert scribbled:
> > Plus jabber can be much more secure than IRC and with much less effort.
> Do we need IRC to be secure? I don't think so.
That's not what I said. I don't care about IRC being secure or not, I care
about the possibility of some software to be more secure - and that's
precisely what I said. With gabber, as said elsewhere in this thread, you
can encrypt your messages if need be - and I've had numerous occassions when
it was desirable (like, say, somebody sending me their machine's root
password - it's a valid reason for encryption, IMHO).

> > I, for one, would love to get messages on jabber about bugs filed against my
> > packages, perhaps also stuff like debian weekly newsletters, debianplanet
> > headlines - anything is possible.
> DWN makes much more sense per mail as via Instant-Mail, as does
> Debianplanet via web and rdf feeds.
It is your opinion, mine is stated above. I don't really know why would mail
make more sense than jabber, or the other way around - it's just a matter of
preference, nothing more. Both are valid and neither
contradicts the other - and, I think, it should be possible to create a
jabber agent that could use, say, RDF feeds to export them to subscribed
jabber users or one that gateways the DWN mails to the jabber users.

> I'm not opposed to Jabber as such - i would prefer it to other IMs if i
> would actually use IM much, my partners would use Jabber or the Gateways
> would actually work - but i just don't see anything we would gain over
> the current Mail+IRC situation.
Do you see anything we could lose?


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