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Re: Newbie needs help with postinst scripting

phpnuke package do exactly the same thing (plus some other more) through debconf (including the matter of having or not the '-p' modificator). You can view its "config", "postinst" and "templates" by issuing 'apt-get source phpnuke' (just in case you don't know)

If you have questios regarding this, i will try to answer you.

Packages you should examine to acomplish that: mysql-client, wwwconfig-common, debconf. But i really recommend you to examine other's work in spite of RTFM. It is lot of faster ;-)

Note that the user interface you are asking is called "Debconf".

Hugo Espuny

Debian Maintainer for phpnuke and postnuke

Arne Goetje wrote:

Hi list,

I want to make a debain package for a collection of perl and php scripts for my company. They will not go into public. In my case I need a postinst script that asks the user for the local MySQL server password and then puts the command string according to that (if empty, then no -p argument). I'd like to have this nice user interface that some packages have ( I assume, it uses 'dialog'... ?). However, I don't know how to do that in the script (normal shell script) and I don't find any documentation. Can anyone help me or point me to some documentation on how to set variables through a user interface with a password dialog?

Thanx for help.



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