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Re: debian.org Jabber server?

On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 11:56:59AM +0200, Erich Schubert scribbled:
> > > I'm not opposed to Jabber as such - i would prefer it to other IMs if i
> > > would actually use IM much, my partners would use Jabber or the Gateways
> > > would actually work - but i just don't see anything we would gain over
> > > the current Mail+IRC situation.
> > Do you see anything we could lose?
> Well: some developers will use Jabber, others will use ICQ, lot's of
> them will stay on IRC, most will continue using the mailing lists.
How's that a problem? From one jabber program (GAIM, Gabber, Konverse,
whatever else) you can use all of these with a single interface.

> You'll have to investigate the best way to reach the DD you want to talk
> to - right now you can just stick with Mail and IRC and reach most of
> them: IRC if they have time to correspond "live", Mail else.
Nope, I beg to disagree. It is perfectly possible to write an agent for
Debian which would allow you to use the developer's JID (read from the
Debian LDAP) to send their a message to wherever they prefer - mail, irc,
jabber, icq, aim, yahoo - wherever. The preference can be present in LDAP
and can be used by the agent only. Now that now you don't go ahunting to
contact a developer - some are on IRC, some on ICQ, some just by mail.
Again, jabber would only help in this case.

> It makes it not easier to reach developers (as suggested before) but
> more difficult, as it adds another way they could be reached - and they
> might prefer to be reached for debian stuff.
It adds another way, yes, but it doesn't take the other ways way. It's just
a matter of glueing them together. As written above, currently there's the
mess you described and, IMHO, adding jabber (which would use our Debian
email as the JID, naturally) can only help. I will go farther a bit as to
imagine a system when you have a jabber client sitting somewhere on some
server that's subscribed to the IRC, ICQ, AIM, Jabber, Yahho Messenger, MSN
services and allows anybody on any of those services (not necessarily using
a jabber client) to contact any Debian developer just by sending a message
to the agent which forwards the message to the location/service preferred by
the named Debian developer.

> This discussion is similar to the "Needs Debian an own IRC server"
> discussion before... Why an own Jabber server?
See above and elsewhere in this thread - jabber is universal, unlike IRC.


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