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Re: debian.org Jabber server?

On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 06:13:21PM +1000, Daniel Stone scribbled:
> > I'm not opposed to Jabber as such - i would prefer it to other IMs if i
> > would actually use IM much, my partners would use Jabber or the Gateways
> > would actually work - but i just don't see anything we would gain over
> > the current Mail+IRC situation.
> My friends don't use IRC, thus Debian shouldn't.
> Er, right.
> Plus, the gateways *do* work. I had some transports working perfectly at
> home before I lost my connection; only problem with them was that I
> hadn't coded support for them into Kopete.
I have some gateways running on my server, too - for example one thing that
allowed me to use some Polish IM - GaduGadu. There's a separate client for
it, but I really much prefer using the jabber transport 'cause it lets me
get rid of yet another app running in the background. There are things that
don't work in jabber like one would like (for example selective presence or
per-agent presence) but it's really a nice thing to have when you don't give
a damn about other IMs/conferencing systems and you occasionally need to use
them (note, I do use IRC but not on freenode, for the same reason many
people stopped using their network, so it would be a nice thing not having
to fight with bitchx to use two servers at once but instead to log in to an
IRC gateway on Debian and be done with it).


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