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Re: debian.org Jabber server?

On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 10:06:39AM +0200, Brother Erich Schubert preached da werd, yo:
> > Plus jabber can be much more secure than IRC and with much less effort.
> Do we need IRC to be secure? I don't think so.

It could be useful; signing your presence (services are a hack) would be
really neat. Encryption can also be handy occasionally, when you just
want to say something quick (like a bank account number), that really
doesn't require an email, but should be kept private.

> > I, for one, would love to get messages on jabber about bugs filed against my
> > packages, perhaps also stuff like debian weekly newsletters, debianplanet
> > headlines - anything is possible.
> DWN makes much more sense per mail as via Instant-Mail, as does
> Debianplanet via web and rdf feeds.

Well, if you had a message saying "new DP story - foo", that would make
more sense than adding it to the bazillions of sites to check for new
news on every day (not that I don't have to check DP's queue anyway).

> I'm not opposed to Jabber as such - i would prefer it to other IMs if i
> would actually use IM much, my partners would use Jabber or the Gateways
> would actually work - but i just don't see anything we would gain over
> the current Mail+IRC situation.

My friends don't use IRC, thus Debian shouldn't.

Er, right.

Plus, the gateways *do* work. I had some transports working perfectly at
home before I lost my connection; only problem with them was that I
hadn't coded support for them into Kopete.

Daniel Stone                                     <dstone@trinity.unimelb.edu.au>
Developer, Trinity College, University of Melbourne

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