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Re: Someone please implement this...

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On Saturday 21 Sep 2002 11:59 pm, Santiago Vila wrote:
> Every mail sent to *ANY* debian list whose sender is not in the
> subscriber list for that list or in the global white list is delayed
> by an hour or two in a queue.
> After that time, the message is checked against razor[*], and only
> then it's forwarded to the list or to /dev/null accordingly.
> Everybody may subscribe to the global white list. The only requisite
> is having a valid email address (and perhaps agree to indemnify with
> $1000 if they spam the lists).
> [ Additionaly, on open lists, the queue may be visible in a web page and
>   people may download individual messages in mbox format to submit them
>   to razor, using their own identity and password. This way anybody could
>   help to fight spam on debian lists ].
> [*] version 2, please. There are already packages in unstable from the
> new maintainer, and they should work under woody too, since they are
> still Architecture: all.

I cant say i agree more, im tired of the amount of spam that comes through 
these lists, and through a modem it really is a problem.


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